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~My Little World~

~My Little World~

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Fashion Monster


Dear Blog,

Today saya nk share sikit dgn blog about Lolita Fashion. Lately kan saya ni dah deeply in love with this kind of fashion. Comel and so adorable! Nampak mcm dolfie sangat~ *tsukki na*

Padahnya, mula la nk 'SELCA' and belagak as one of Lolita model! berkeping-keping gambar yang snap mengalahkan model! huh! (hehe..)

~Of course, all the pictures above, sudah di-edit..that's why nampak cantik! (Blog,jangan tertipu!) hikhik~



 ~Sedikit info untuk blog~ fashion ni actually originated from Japan, and ada lah categories nya..and saya actually lebih suka pada gothic lolita kind of style, but lately suka la pula dgn cute miut style!


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